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WordPress Broken Link Checker

Having a lot of broken links is not good for your visitors or Search Engines – nobody likes to see 404 page not found message after clicking a link. Checking all your links by hand is a tedious and mundane process but luckily there is an easy solution – Broken Link Checker Plugin.

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SYNND Review

SYNND is being sold as ultimate tool for social media marketing and content syndication. But does SYNND 4.0 worth the investment? I have tested all 6 modules in 17 different niches, guess what I got after spending 16946 credits. Must Read Before Buying!

Time Doctor Review

Time Doctor is time tracking software that you can use to manage your outsourced workers or manage yourself to increase productivity. I have several workers around the globe and I needed to make sure that I am paying for the actual work done

Eben Pagan Wake Up Productive Review

Wake Up Productive by Eben Pagan is a self-help program, that specializes in helping you become more productive in your work and personal life. You can consider it as a system or framework that helps organize your thoughts, emotions and actions into productive energy.

Backup Creator Review

As you can figure out from the name of the plugin Backup Creator is mostly intended for WordPress backup – see how it compares to other WordPress backup and cloning plugins, where it excels and where it fails to deliver.

WP Twin Review

WP Twin is being sold and praised as ultimate tool for cloning WordPress sites – see how it compares to other leading WordPress backup tools, see where it fails before you buy.